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my 3rd game and first game that isnt horror. while its considered a "puzzle" game...there isnt really anything puzzling about it. its more like a satire if you can call it that. the objective of the game is to find the keys to defeat the main antagonists: the locked doors.

NOTE:theres a segment in the game that uses water. on lower graphics settings, you wont be able to see the water. if you need to lower your graphics settings then i recomend you keep them up for just this one specific part, especially if you're recording.

Install instructions

unpack the .rar file and then click the .exe in the resulting folder.


Keyfinder.rar 232 MB


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This definitely isn't bad at all but maaaaan you made it way too easy!! You've got a good base, you just need to build on it and you could have a really good game here!

(This is the first game on the video)